Insight, Information, Education, and CEUs!

The DUI MAT Summit was held virtually on September 1, 2021. The event was made possible through DHCS and the No Cost Extension (NCE) of DUI MAT 1.0.

With the approval of DHCS, CADTP was able to utilize the remaining funds to bring the training to the DUI MAT project team. All attendees present for the entire summit earned 4.0 CEUs. Staff time for attendance was also paid for through the NCE funds. 154 people attended the training. A big thank you goes out to DHCS for making this event possible!

Tracy Langlands, Department of Health Care Services, Licensing and Certification Division was our keynote speaker. Tracy has been a DUI MAT champion since its inception; it was an honor to have her kick off the event with a presentation on California’s Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Expansion Project. She provided the big picture for us along with great information on the escalating opioid and polysubstance crisis, especially since the onset of the pandemic, which has aggravated addiction and overdose in many communities. It was an excellent reminder of how we fit into DHCS’s overall initiative and why what we do is so important!

Barbara Aday-Garcia, Executive Director of CADTP, followed with a Comparison of DUI MAT 1.0 and 2.0. The goal of the DUI MAT program is to build a new access point for SUD Education, Identification, and Treatment in the Network of California DUI Programs. We looked at performance measures achieved in Education, Prescreens, DUI MAT Clients, Treatment Referrals, and Best Practices. Additionally, Ms. Aday-Garcia presented the new procedures for the High-Risk Participants (HRP) pilot project integration with the DUI MAT project, which launched on October 1, 2021.

Glenda Pinney of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control, Systems of Care Branch facilitated a presentation DUI MAT Provider Support County Model of Engagement. Ms. Pinney shared the good works of Los Angeles County in providing support, interaction, education, and collaboration with all DUI MAT Partners in Los Angeles County. The County holds regular meetings with DUI MAT Partners and the Hub & Spokes Providers to ensure solid communication and information flow. They also provide excellent ongoing education with CEUs.

Janice Forbes, DUI MAT Project Manager, facilitated a section on Building on Best Practices Developed in DUI MAT 1.0. The presentation included a deep dive into the Best Practices developed in DUI MAT 1.0, and the auxiliary Best Practices developed specifically for COVID-19. The Best Practice categories include Education, Integration, Identification, and Case Management with each category including many best practices identified and implemented. Ms. Forbes then facilitated a discussion on best practices with input from Jon Roberson of The Awareness Group and Elaine Hansen of The High Road Program.

Michealine Flower, DUI MAT Program Liaison, completed the summit with excellent training on The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing with DUI MAT 2.0. Attendees learned to: describe key skillsets that reflect the MI approach to client care; Distinguish the demographics of clients – one size does not fit all; Incorporate the spirit of MI into all aspects of the treatment experience; Identify clients that may be open to additional services; Feel confident when treating the client as the expert in their life while determining who may need additional services for SUD/OUD treatment; Avoid a confrontational or labeling approach; Avoid creating resistance. Everyone learned a lot about this approach to client care in the DUI MAT Project.

Overall, the DUI MAT Summit 2.0 was a resounding success with participants feeling good about their participation in the DUI Project and their approach to client care.

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