Safety Consultant Services Newhall Team – From left: Joe Molina, Alison Plante, Carolann Fuller, Bryna Martinez, Heaven Russell

Safety Consultant Services, Inc. delivers DUI treatment services at five locations in Los Angeles County.  School Ten, Inc. delivers DUI treatment services at six locations in Orange County. We are proud and excited to have been, once again, selected to provide DUI MAT services for SOR 2.0.

All program sites are overseen and managed by an administrative office located in Bellflower. It was here where our staging area and “war room” were set up in preparation for disseminating all required materials for the launch of client services on April 1.

Although the Project Portal and all electronic communication clearly described all required forms, handouts, posters, and materials, in the interest of ensuring accuracy and consistency, all program sites received “starter packages” of hard copies for easy reference at a glance.

DUI MAT Project Materials

DUI MAT Reference and Training Materials

The Starter Packages consisted of:

  • 3-ring binders to retain completed DAST-10 prescreens and client letters
  • A master 3-ring binder titled, “The Case Management Framework: Process and Procedures” with tabs for hard copies of the following forms: demographics, client confidentiality, baseline, and additional referral sources, client information, DAST-10, client letter, progress monitoring notes, ASAM II assessment, exit survey.
  • Softcover binder: MAT Toolkit for Counselors
  • Softcover binder: MAT Toolkit for DUI Programs
  • Colored posters and handouts (MAT, Marijuana, Polysubstance, Court and Community Resources)
  • Preassembled client files arranged in the required order

The database for collecting prescreen information was added to computers at all program sites. This information will be reported on a weekly basis to our Bellflower administrative office which has the responsibility for consolidated data collection, reporting, oversight, and billing consistent with all required project deliverables and schedules. All ongoing staff training is also developed and ultimately disseminated from Bellflower.

For SOR 1.0 Safety Consultant Services conducted 3461 DAST-10 prescreens and School Ten conducted 3811 along with referring clients to MAT treatment. Participation in this project energized and challenged us while allowing us to expand our base of knowledge as SUD treatment providers.


SCS and School Ten, Inc.

The DUI MAT Team on the DUI MAT 2.0 Introduction Call