Project Portal 2.0, released 11/26/19, offers a simplified portal experience for DUI MAT Partners. In Project Portal 2.0, it’s easier to log in and find, view, and download project files and other resources.

Project Portal 2.0 includes:

  • Secure account access to Project Resources.
  • Access to the Data Reporting Form.
  • A File Management System for easy access to downloadable files.
  • A Calendar of Events with registration links.
  • A Feedback Form for DUI MAT Partners to comment directly from the Portal.
  • Project Statistics.

What’s NOT included in Project Portal 2.0:

  • Groups
  • Forums
  • Internal messaging (to other DUI MAT Partners).
  • DOCS – the feature that allowed us to work on documents collaboratively.

The first project portal and the all-new Project Portal 2.0 will run side-by-side during a transition period. To access the first project portal, select Account from the main menu and then click on your name.



Tips for Navigating Project Portal 2.0

The following provides an overview of features and tips for navigating the portal.

Welcome Slider

The Welcome slider provides a place to post relevant messages and links to special events or articles. The images to the left show the first and second sliders. Note that you can register for the next webinar right from the slide.


Project documents are categorized and available on a category page. The Project Document Toggles on the Project Home page provide a Table of Contents for each category.

To access the Table of Contents, click on the toggle icon.

To go to the Document Category page, click inside the toggle.

Data Reporting Form

Located on the Project Home page.

Click on the image to go to the Data Reporting form.

Project Calendar

Located on the Project Home page.

Click on a date to view the event. Use the top navigation bar to select a different month, or to view by week or day.

Project Statistics

Located at the bottom of Project Home page. Key project data highlights.

Feedback Portal

Give feedback directly from the portal! Located next to project statistics on the Project Home page, the will take you to a feedback form.

Provide feedback on the portal, the project, best practices or request a document you can’t find.

Portal Navigation

Located on each page of the Portal.

To return to Project Home, click the top link.

Quickly access Document Category pages with the links provided in the navigation menu.

We hope that you find Project Portal 2.0 to be an easier user experience and an asset to your participation in the DUI MAT Pilot Project.

We would love your feedback or suggestions for improvement!