Release and Authorization for Use, Reproduction and Distribution (GEN-VID-AUD-CADTP form)

I, _____________________________________________, am participating in a video and audio production (“Production") which is being captured by Wholehearted / CADTP (“Producers”) with my full knowledge and consent on film, videotape, digital video, audiotape or digital audio, still photographs (digital, electronic, film, or printed) and/or other recording or storage technology, with the intent of eventual packaging, marketing advertising, distribution, redistribution of said performance, images, video or audio segments, derivative works, or any portions thereof on video, audio, CD, DVD, electronic, web, VOD, print, or any other media or means of distribution, physical, conventional or electronic, whether or not presently in existence. In consideration of my participation in the Production, Producers may hold, license, market, distribute, display, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the Production or any part or derivative work thereof in any media or any other means of distribution or in any other way in which it sees fit, including the creation of any narration, printed matter, or descriptions. I do hereby, by my signature below, irrevocably consent to being photographed and/or recorded by Producers and to the marketing and distribution of said footage captured for the purposes described above or for any other legal purpose. I understand and acknowledge, now and forever, that ownership and control of copyrights, rights of use, duplication, reproduction, marketing, distribution, and all other ownership, control, intellectual property, privacy, performance, publicity and any other rights that I may hold or claim to hold with regard to any of the video or audio captured or used in this Production and any derivative works therefrom, whether or not such rights are currently defined by law, are vested exclusively in Producers, and that I hereby relinquish and irrevocably transfer to Producers any rights of control, use, copyright, rights of privacy, persona, celebrity and/or publicity, intellectual property, and/or any other legal theory under which I may now or in the future have a claim to the content produced, in consideration of the compensation described above. If it is not possible to permanently transfer any of the aforementioned rights, then I irrevocably grant a permanent, irrevocable license to Producers for any such rights to which I might otherwise be entitled. I further affirm that no other representations, warranties or agreements, oral or written, have been given or made to me by any party with regard to my agreement to participate in this production, and that the terms of this Release and Authorization for Use, Reproduction and Distribution supercede any other representation(s) made to me, regardless of form, and constitute the sole and complete agreement between me and Producers.

I hereby fully and completely indemnify and release Producers, its employees, contractors, owners, stockholders, distributors, marketers, associates and all other entities retained, employed, commissioned by, or representing Producers from any and all liability related to the obtaining of or any use, marketing, reproduction, advertising, or distribution of this performance or any part thereof in any form, including, without limitation, liability for any acts which, without such release, may constitute infringement or invasion of any rights of copyright, privacy, persona, or celebrity which I may now have or in the future obtain. I further agree that in the event of any dispute regarding the terms of this agreement, I waive on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, successors, and assigns, all rights to file suit and agree that all disputes shall be settled by mediation and/or by binding arbitration in the state of California, applying California law, with all legal and arbitration costs borne by the losing party.

This release shall be effective against me, my family members, heirs and anyone else who may act as my representatives or in my interest, and all others who may have an interest, now or hereafter, in any of my rights, copyright, privacy, persona or celebrity.

This release shall be deemed to have been made in the State of California, United States of America, and shall be subject to the laws thereof (excluding conflicts of laws provisions.)

I affirm that I am of legal age and have full capacity to enter into this Release, that I have completely read and understood it, and/or have sought clarification on any issues that I do not understand. I am entering into this agreement and release of my own free will, without any coercion or other adverse influence of Producers or any other person or entity.



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Document name: Release and Authorization for Use, Reproduction and Distribution (GEN-VID-AUD-CADTP form)
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