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Website Resources and Articles of Interest

California MAT Expansion Project Website

The official project website for the MAT expansion project. Includes a complete list of all MAT projects, and access to all MAT Toolkits.

California Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard

2018 mortality data are now available on the dashboard completing the full year of 2018. 

California Hub & Spoke Project Website

The official project website for the Hub & Spokes project. Access background, Hub & Spoke Locator, and Narcotic Treament Providers (NTPs).

County SUD Access Lines and Websites

A complete listing of all SUD County access lines and websites. Counties noted with an asterisk (*) are participating in the DMC-ODS.

How Medi-Cal is Improving Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in California

A 2018 article about the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS). An in-depth view of the pilot project and early results.

Medi-Cal Moves Addiction Treatment into the Mainstream

An article published by the California Health Care Foundation providing early lessons from the DMC-ODS system pilots. 

How Effective is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Article about the effectiveness of MAT. 

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