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Website Resources and Articles of Interest

California MAT Expansion Project Website

The official project website for the MAT expansion project. Includes a complete list of all MAT projects, and access to all MAT Toolkits.

California Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard

2018 mortality data are now available on the dashboard completing the full year of 2018. 

California Hub & Spoke Project Website

The official project website for the Hub & Spokes project. Access background, Hub & Spoke Locator, and Narcotic Treament Providers (NTPs).

County SUD Access Lines and Websites

A complete listing of all SUD County access lines and websites. Counties noted with an asterisk (*) are participating in the DMC-ODS.

Articles and Information

DUI MAT Partner Spotlight – KC Services

DUI MAT Partner Spotlight – KC Services

By Anna Keiderling, Programs Director - KC Services The mission of KC Services is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities by providing comprehensive treatment and prevention programs to those suffering from substance abuse and family violence....

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DUI MAT Partner Spotlight – The High Road Program

Riverside DUI MAT Team Sally Zarate, Assistant Director; Greg Burk, Director; Soina Moreno, Counselor Pasadena DUI MAT Team Elaine Hansen, Counselor; Cynthia Cortez, Counselor; Jose Barcenas, Counselor; Teresa Garcia, Clerk; Juan Martinez, Program Director; Cristina...

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Project Portal 2.0 Overview

Project Portal 2.0, released 11/26/19, offers a simplified portal experience for DUI MAT Partners. In Project Portal 2.0, it's easier to log in and find, view, and download project files and other resources. Project Portal 2.0 includes: Secure account access to...

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Bridges DUI MAT Program is Working for Clients

At Bridges DUI Program, we all work together to support our DUI MAT clients. We currently have seven active MAT clients, and all have experienced great success so far. The following client stories show the power of the DUI MAT program to help those in need access treatment and recovery services.

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DUI MAT Roundtable

The purpose of the DUI MAT Roundtable was to share successes, challenges, and best practices. Barbara Aday-Garcia, executive director of CADTP, opened the session with the vision of DUI MAT partners being pioneers in the DUI Treatment Program Industry. “We are the first DUI Programs to do this. Let’s make sure that as we go through this project, we think of the end game: clean data and exceptional best practices.

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How Medi-Cal is Improving Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in California

A 2018 article about the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS). An in-depth view of the pilot project and early results.

Medi-Cal Moves Addiction Treatment into the Mainstream

An article published by the California Health Care Foundation providing early lessons from the DMC-ODS system pilots.