New Opportunity for System Change and Improved Treatment Access:  Optimizing Community Approaches to Challenging Populations with Opioid and Stimulant Use in the Justice System

Through the new State Opioid Response II grant, Health Management Associates’ County Touchpoints Project is launching a new Learning Collaborative that will support teams from California counties to develop effective, patient-centered, and sustainable systems of care for persons with opioids and/or stimulant use disorders who are involved in the justice system.

The County led Learning Collaboratives will provide a coach to each team, training on opioid and stimulant use disorders and their treatment, consultation and technical assistance in identifying local gaps and designing interventions, topic-specific webinars and podcasts, an on-line resource library, and access to state and national experts.

DUI Programs are an intercept point that identifies individuals with problem substance use who encounter the justice system but are not detained and therefore may not be introduced to treatment options.  If you are interested in such a project in your county or for an existing coalition reach out to your BHS Administrator and/ or Chief Probation Officer.  Project description and lead agency application are attached.

Informational Webinar on Wednesday, November 18th at 12:00 – 1:00 pm – Register Here

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Final Program Description Special Pops Learning Collaborative

Final Application Special Populations Collaborative 103020