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Best Practices related to engaging and integrating staff and clients with the DUI MAT program. Includes prescreens, enrollment, and referrals to 2nd level assessments where indicated.

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  • If a full assessment is not provided at enrollment, use a prescreen to identify possible OUD/Poly SUD. Utilizing a prescreen for OUD/Poly SUD at enrollment assists the program to identify those who can benefit from additional treatment referrals.
  • Continue to revisit the prescreens and/or full assessments at face to face sessions. This can provide the client with another opportunity to evaluate their substance use and history.
  • Perform a clinical review of at-risk clients. An at-risk client may present a significant history with negative consequences of their use. Examples include financial, relationships, multiple DUIs, etc.
  • Clinical reviews can be formal or informal, with peer group or with counselor and supervisor.
  • Reach out to them as appropriate and on a regular basis to see if there is interest in additional treatment resources.
  • Require thorough documentation of risk factors, referrals, and follow-up by staff to ensure that important information for each client is a reflective overview of client care.
  • Be aware of polysubstance use. Many clients present with an only alcohol or only drug DUI yet state multiple other substances are an issue.
  • To meet Title 9 regulations an assessment is required. Use an assessment that includes drug use and history.

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