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By Jennifer Strother, DUI Program Manager – OHS-MHN, San Marcos

OHS has provided substance abuse assessment, counseling, and education services in six California counties since 1978.

OHS services include Substance Use Disorder Assessments, AOD Counseling and Education via our DUI Offender Program, Anger Management Program, CDIOP, Responsible Beverage Server Training (RBS), and the court-ordered Survival to Adult Referral (STAR) program.

As the DUI MAT Integration Pilot project is reaching the final months, I am able to look back and evaluate the positive influence this pilot has had on all of our programs. Historically, OHS had already implemented a strong referral system, but being able to focus more on polysubstance use, pain management, prescription misuse, and opioid addiction has made our program an even more efficient outreach and referral provider.

This project has provided us the opportunity to train our entire counseling staff on the bias associated with Medically Assisted Treatment and we have been able to build strong relationships with the clinics in our local areas. This experience has created the opportunity to employ a more inclusive, educated, and open-minded staff.

In 16 months, OHS has been able to provide the DAST and plant the seed of evaluation and exploration to over 2,000 participants providing them a place to go when and if they need assistance.

OHS has taken the idea of integration seriously and we now have MAT within all aspects of our program. Even as this project comes to an end we will continue to have the MAT discussion in orientation, face to faces, and groups. We will continue to pass on the message that we are supportive of MAT and are able to assist any participant who needs direction to save their life.

OHS-MHN Leadership Team (and DUI MAT Partners)

Jennifer Strother, DUI Program Manager – OHS-MHN San Marcos; Michealine Flower, DUI MAT Project Liaison; Sam Beasley, Prevention Education Program

Victor Salinas, Manager, Chemical Dependency Programs – OHS-MHN; Teri Kerns, HNFS Business Development Director, Growth and Implementation; Tino Murguia, Compliance Analyst DUIP Administration – OHS-MNH

Douglas Bailey, DUI Program Manager – OHS-MNH, Concord and El Cerrito

Jason Espinoza, DUI Program Manager – OHS-MHN, San Mateo