By Anna Keiderling, Programs Director – KC Services

The mission of KC Services is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities by providing comprehensive treatment and prevention programs to those suffering from substance abuse and family violence.

KC Services has provided education and group counseling to court-referred and volunteer clients for nearly three decades. We offer a variety of programs, including DUI, substance use disorder counseling, family counseling, and batterer’s intervention treatment.

Additionally, our KCS Health Center provides primary care, psychiatry, dentistry, acupuncture, therapy, and medications assisted treatment for substance use disorder.

We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the DUI MAT project. Our DUI staff are educating our clients about the many services available to treat addiction, including Medication Assisted Treatment. Those clients interested in receiving additional treatment are linked to our health center, where they able to receive MAT, therapy, and numerous other services.

KCS has provided counseling to thousands of clients battling SUD. The addition of MAT has been transformative as it gives us a powerful tool to help clients when they need it most.

KCS has four locations in Orange County and offers the DUI MAT program in the Garden Grove and Fullerton locations. To learn more about KCS, visit their website at