DUI MAT Integration/Outreach Project & High Risk DUI Participant Pilot Project

Combining MAT Expansion Projects for Greater Results

The combination of the DUI MAT Integration/Outreach Project and the High-Risk DUI Participant Pilot will provide DUI Program clients, who fail to maintain program sobriety as required in current DUI regulations, the opportunity to seek treatment services through the DUI MAT program.

Project Overviews

The DUI MAT Integration/Outreach Project 2.0

The DUI MAT Integration/Outreach Project is part of the DHCS Mat Expansion Project, State Opioid Response (SOR 2). The project meets the goal of creating new addiction treatment access points throughout California.

40 DUI MAT subcontractors in 58 service locations offer DUI MAT program services to clients. Services include education, substance use prescreens, 2nd level assessments, treatment referrals, and enhanced counseling services. Data is collected and shared with stakeholders. The DUI MAT Project runs through September 2022.

High-Risk DUI Program Participants (HRP)


Initially introduced through the 2015-2019 *SHSP – Impaired Driving Challenge Area: the pilot project aimed at keeping non-compliant high-risk DUI offenders engaged in DUI program activities in lieu of program separation is being continued as a pilot program under DHCS based on positive outcomes.

This continued pilot will be extended to DUI programs participating in the DUI MAT Outreach and Integration Project. The pilot program complements the DUI MAT Project by serving as a valuable support mechanism to ensure on-going participant and MAT Project success.

* The Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is a statewide, coordinated safety plan that provides a comprehensive framework for reducing highway fatalities and severe injuries on all public roads, and renews every five years.


The DUI MAT Project will adopt the policies and processes of the High Risk DUI Participant Pilot, effective 10/1/21. With the approval of each participating County, DUI Program clients may be offered the DUI MAT Program, or other treatment options, vs dismissal. This initiative increase the chance of sobriety and reduced recidivism.


  • Recidivism. Treatment reduces relapse and recidivism.
  • Sobriety. Treatment options vs dismissal enhances to chance of sobriety for the individual.
  • Public Safety. Reduced recidivism results in greater public safety.

DUI MAT Project Results

as of August 2021

Implementation Plan

DUI MAT and SHSP integration will serve the DUI client, the focus of both projects. The following steps will achieve the goal of combining the two projects to achieve MAT Expansion goals.

  • Gain approval from all counties in DUI MAT service areas.
  • Update the DUI MAT client data set to include High Risk DUI Participant elements.
  • Train all DUI MAT subcontractors on the new process.

LAUNCH DATE: 10/1/22