The DUI MAT Project Survey

The CADTP team conducted a Project Survey in July 2020 as the project neared completion. 101 project participants responded to the survey. All DUI Programs and project roles were represented. Statements were provided in each category. Survey takers rated each statement on a five-point Likert Scale with Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, and Strongly Agree as choices. Additionally, N/A was provided as a choice for those who did not have a relationship to the statement.


Project Survey Contents

Statement Categories

  • General Questions
  • Case Management Framework
  • Identification of Unmet/Undiagnosed Polysubstance Abuse
  • Treatment Providers
  • Touch Base Program
  • Communication and Materials
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Grant Funds

Open-Ended Questions

  • Is your DUI Program planning to continue the DUI MAT outreach and identification of OUD/Poly SUD including the case management framework for screening, referral and monitoring after the grant ends? YES / NO / MAYBE
    • If yes, what challenges do you anticipate?
    • If no, what barriers did you identify that would prevent you from continuing?
    • If maybe, what factors would move your decision to a yes or no?
  • What area of the project was the most challenging?
  • What was most rewarding about the project?
  • If you could change anything about any part of the project, what would it be?
  • If we were to do another DUI MAT project, what are your suggestions for improving the project? (any area)

Download the DUI MAT Project Survey Results

Survey comments are presented anonymously.